What is a dipchart?


Dipping a tank is how one determines how much contents are in a tank. Unless the tank is perfectly rectangular there the reading from the measuring device and the contents of the tank are not a linear relationship. In other words the change in volume per unit measurement is different for every value. A dip chart is necessary to determine the contents and/or empty space. This site contains calculators to get volume from dip readings and generate dip charts for specified tank geometries.

How to dip a tank


The following instructions will help you to gain a fairly accurate measurement.

1. With a large wrench open the fill cap on the top of the tank

2. Using a graduated rod or metal tape measure, slowly extend the measuring tool down in to the fuel until you hit bottom. Make sure you go straight down, angled measurements will lead to skewed or inaccurate results.

3. Slowly bring slowly bring measurement device out of the tank, until you see or feel the point where the measuremnt device contacted the liquid.

4. Remember the measurement or have an assistant write it down.

5. With a rag or paper towel, dry the wet portion of the measurement device

6. Secure fill cap back on the tank. It is important to tighten securely.

7. Using a calculator or dip chart look up the measurement to know the volume of contents in the tank.

These instructions, along with everything else on this site, are as is and informational purposes only, please consult manufacturers literature for specifics.